Sunday, May 18, 2014

Letter from America

By the time you read this, you'll be leaving England. At the time of writing, you've been here almost two weeks.
It's been a good two weeks. Hopefully the experiences you've had complete overshadow everything that's happened so far though.
So I'll write what I hope happens:
  • Make friends in every class
  • Have a good exchange weekend
  • Spend Christmas with new people
  • Spend New Year's somewhere awesome
As you know, I'm not much for setting goals. But remember the reasons you came on this trip in the first place:
  • Always wanted to study abroad
  • Make new friends
  • Leave home
  • Forcefully eject self from 'shell'
I think so far that I am satisfied with the trip - but I hope you are able to look back at this year and say without doubt that it was best year of your life. [editor's note: so far...]

-Mitchell Rysavy, September 2013"

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